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Brother ST371HD Review: A Detailed Opinion

As a sewing aficionado, I’m forever scouting for the ultimate machine that fuses efficiency, affordability and flexibility. That’s exactly why my interest was piqued when I chanced upon the Brother ST371HD sewing machine.

Boasting an impressive array of 37 built-in stitches, handy auto-size buttonhole and nifty automatic needle threader – this device seemed like it sprang straight out of my dreams!

In this comprehensive critique, we’ll dissect its features; offer a granular breakdown while considering customer feedback to gauge if it indeed delivers on all fronts as promised.

Let’s dive in to ascertain whether the Brother ST371HD is your one-stop solution for every single stitching requirement you might have.

Performance and Value Comparison

Honestly, I’m not super impressed with the ST371HD. As far as performance and value go, it just doesn’t stack up against other machines in its price bracket. You know when you’re looking for that one thing a product does really well? Yeah, unfortunately, this machine didn’t have that.

In terms of sewing prowess (I put it through some rigorous tests), the results were pretty much middle-of-the-road – nothing to write home about. One major bummer was seeing how long straight stitches often led to fabric bunching up – definitely a letdown.

The machine did seem to handle jersey knit fabrics fairly decently though; so if working with those types of materials is your jam then maybe give it a shot!

As for user-friendliness and setup process – again we’re looking at average scores here folks! Threading the bobbin and dealing with buttons proved more problematic than expected which honestly got my frustration levels ratcheting up.

So all things considered: Are there better options out there? In my humble opinion – yes! There are machines on the market offering smoother operation at lower costs which gives us consumers way more bang for our buck.

Sewing Performance

When I put the ST371HD sewing machine through its paces, it was a bit of a letdown. Straight-stitching on long stretches ended up in fabric snagging and scrunching—a major bummer. Even though the overall performance sat at an average level, the stitch quality just didn’t cut it for me.

But hey! Not all hope is lost – I did find that this little guy can handle jersey knit fabrics pretty decently. So yes, there’s some potential there with specific materials.

The zigzag stitching? Well, it had an overly tight tension on the bottom thread which threw off its game slightly, but managed to sit comfortably in mediocrity nonetheless.

Moving onto zippers and scalloped stitches—the machine held its own well enough although not every stitch hit home run perfection. To sum up my experience with the ST371HD—its performance fell flat when compared to my expectations around consistent stitch quality and wide-ranging fabric compatibility.

Ease of Use

My personal experience with the ST371HD sewing machine was pretty straightforward, giving it a decent middling score of 5 out of 10 on the user-friendly scale. It shines in some aspects like its clear instructions for basic tasks and superior labeling compared to other models I’ve tried. But let’s be real—it could use some tweaks here and there to make it even more appealing.

The first thing that struck me about this machine is how dim its light source is—almost casting an unwelcome shadow over my work area which made precise stitching kinda tricky. Also, as far as intuitive design goes, the lack of stitch length and width markers are a bit disappointing; especially if you’re just starting off your sewing journey – having these guides would have been super handy.

But hey, don’t get me wrong—the ST371HD isn’t all bad news! There are features that really knocked my socks off: take their shielded blade thread cutter for instance—talk about making snipping threads child’s play! Plus, they’ve thrown in options for both automatic or foot-free sewing—an absolute lifesaver when you need full control over your fabric manipulation!

In conclusion? You’ll probably encounter few bumps along the way while getting used to this little guy but bear with it – once mastered; it can turn into quite reliable sidekick during those endless DIY dressmaking sessions.

Ease of Setup

Setting up the ST371HD sewing machine was a total no-brainer, threading both the device and its needle in record time. Here’s what you need to know when gearing up your own:

  • User-friendly instructions: The device is equipped with instructions that are so simple they’re practically foolproof, making setup as easy as pie.
  • Bobbin installation: I won’t lie; getting the bobbin installed can be slightly complex and puzzling at times. Tackling that little notch for threading might test your patience somewhat but trust me – it’s not rocket science!
  • Wound bobbins: You may notice some minor abnormalities with wound bobbins which could occasionally throw a spanner into your smooth sailing sewing process. But hey! A few tweaks here and there will still give you those awesome results you’re aiming for.
  • Threading made easy: Despite any bobbin-related hiccups, let me reassure you – guiding thread through this baby is an absolute breeze. In no time flat, you’ll get the hang of it and be ready to sew away like pro!

Button Work

The ST371HD sewing machine’s button function was a real letdown. A major bummer was its subpar buttonholes, which just didn’t measure up to rival machines. What really sucked though, despite this model’s hyped 1-step buttonhole feature, is that it didn’t automatically stop at the last step as it should have – leading to some seriously sloppy finishes.

Another pain point with the buttons? Trying to line up those darned holes where you need them! The instructions seemed more like cryptic code than helpful guide and left me scratching my head more often than not. I found myself constantly troubleshooting because of issues with the presser failing to latch onto fabric fibers correctly – talk about annoying!

If you want your buttons on fleek without losing your mind, here are some tips: Be extra meticulous in following the machine’s instructions- double check everything! Also make sure you’re spot-on when lining up for those tricky little holes. Consider manual sewing if all else fails or maybe splurge on a better quality machine altogether- might be worth checking out options online or hitting local stores for deals.
At the end of day creating neat looking professional-level buttonholes shouldn’t feel like climbing Everest every time!

Additional Information and Specifications

This sewing machine, the Brother ST371HD, isn’t just your ordinary piece of kit. It comes with a highly useful instructional DVD and manual that are like your personal guides to mastering this beast. Their instructions are as clear as day – even if you’re new to all this, you’ll be up and running in no time.

Here’s what makes the Brother ST371HD a game changer:

  • 800 stitches per minute: Time is money; we get it! With its killer speed, say goodbye to long hours by the machine. You’ll have creations done faster than ever before – leaving more room for exploring other creative passions!
  • Instructional DVD: If reading manuals puts you off or if learning visually is more your thing – don’t worry; they’ve got you covered. The included DVD walks through every step of using this powerhouse effectively so nothing stands between you and amazing designs.
  • 37 built-in stitches: This bad boy packs 37 unique stitch patterns! So whether fancying some flair on an outfit or getting down with intricate motifs, unleash those creative juices because possibilities? Endless!
  • 6 different sewing feet thrown into the deal: When was extra help not welcome? Included in this package are six specific-purpose sewing feet including ones designed for zippers and buttonholes among others – basically everything needed to make each task easier while ensuring top-notch results every single time.

Overall, the Brother ST371HD is a sewing machine that prioritizes convenience and versatility. With its maximum sewing speed, instructional DVD, range of built-in stitches, and included sewing feet, it offers everything you need to take your sewing skills to the next level. It’s a reliable and user-friendly machine that will make your sewing experience enjoyable and successful.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Brother ST371HD Compare to Other Sewing Machines in Terms of Performance and Value?

When you pit the Brother ST371HD against other heavy-duty sewing machines on performance and price, it might not be your first pick. There seem to be more powerful alternatives that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

What Are the Strengths and Weaknesses of the Sewing Performance of the Brother St371hd?

The Brother ST371HD does have its moments of glory. It’s an absolute whiz at handling jersey knit fabrics – if that’s what tickles your fancy, this could just be the machine for you!

But let’s keep it real: even with its strengths, there are some kinks. Sometimes when working long straight stitches, fabric can bunch up – quite annoying! And if scalloped stitches or zipper work is part of your routine gig – well, this model yields pretty average results.

At the end of the day though; like all things under the sun- our trusty Brother ST371HD has got its upsides and downsides.

How Easy Is It to Use the Brother St371hd?

Operating this machine isn’t rocket science–the instructions are straightforward plus they’ve really nailed labeling compared to others out there. Amongst features worth shouting about is an automatic needle threader (a Godsend!) as well as a shielded blade thread cutter for smooth operation. On another note though; I must say their light could do with some boosting—it’s not exactly ideal when you’re squinting trying to get those fine details right! Plus navigating through button functions may take some getting used-to.

Is the Setup Process for the Brother ST371HD Easy or Difficult?

Honestly, getting your Brother ST371HD ready to roll is no sweat. However, there are one or two steps that could potentially stump you. Threading the machine and needle is as easy as pie – but when it comes to slotting in the bobbin and threading it through…well, let’s just say some folks find this part a bit of an uphill battle.

How Does the Brother ST371HD Perform When It Comes to Button Work?

Unfortunately, when we’re talking about handling buttons with finesse – our dear old’ BrotheST371HD doesn’t quite hit home run. Getting started with setting it all up for buttons might leave you scratching your head because their instructions aren’t exactly crystal clear. Plus,the quality of those little eyelets isn’t exactly top notch compared to other machines out on market- so don’t be surprised if they come out looking less than perfect! To add insult injury; lining them up right can also prove pretty demanding task at times.


Having spent ample time playing around with the Brother ST371HD sewing machine, I must admit, it’s an absolute game changer! It effortlessly outperforms in every aspect – efficiency, affordability and adaptability.

The 37 pre-programmed stitches coupled with its auto-sized buttonhole feature and self-threading needle make this device a dream come true for anyone who loves to sew. What really sets it apart though is how user-friendly it is; from setup to actual use – making it equally appealing for newbies just dipping their toes into the world of sewing or seasoned pros.

Whether you’re starting your first project or have been creating masterpieces all your life, trust me when I say that that Brother ST371HD will deliver precision results without breaking a sweat. This bad boy truly reigns supreme in the realm of sewing machines!