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Singer 3337 Review: A Compact Machine With Lots of Features

Everyone has heard of Singer at least once in their lifetime, and they are one of the best-known and most renowned brands when it comes to sewing machines in general.

Since you are here, I assume you have also heard of them.

Therefore, I bet you are considering buying the Singer 3337 but aren’t really sure you want to. I’m here to support you. As I am writing the Singer 3337 review topic, I will go over everything you need to know about the Singer 3337 sewing machine in this article.


Singer 3337 is one of the best small sewing machines with a ton of functions and features. It is a fantastic machine that handles various materials, and it is a beast if you want to put in more layers.

Key Takeaways

  • The Singer 3337 is a fantastic machine from the well-known company Singer, a leading manufacturer of sewing machines.
  • This device has a really attractive and elegant design, and it looks excellent everywhere you place it, something that is taken for granted on singer sewing machines.
  • The machine’s automatic needle-threader will make your job easier in many ways and save you time.
  • You may complete a variety of tasks with the Singer 3337 thanks to its 108 stitch options.
  • Once you purchase Singer 3337, it will be sent to you with many different accessories.

Exploring the Design and Construction of the Singer 3337

When I’ve used the highly portable Singer 3337, it’s never failed me. It should be apparent that when I describe this sewing machine as compact, I don’t only mean that it’s lightweight and small; I also mean that it’s pretty portable and can fit anywhere.

This machine is particularly made for people who prefer simple workshop decor and a minimalist sewing machine, like the Singer 3337; it looks very well in its white dye and lightens the looks of an atelier.

The main building material of this machine is metal, so yeah this is a heavy duty metal frame, which gives it a great aesthetic as well as a sturdy construction. The Singer 3337 is among the finest in terms of build quality when you compare it against a variety of other machines.

Key Specs of Design and Construction

  • Dimensions: 18.8 x 14 x 10.9 inches
  • Weight: 15.87 pounds
  • Made of: Heavy duty metal frame

Watching Singer 3337 Perform

Checking out a sewing machine’s performance as a whole, or how it sews, is one of the most important things everyone must know in detail about. I believe I can give you some essential information about this machine because I have used it extensively over a long period of time.

As there are a few things that determine how a sewing machine works, I will be talking about Singer 3337’s stitches, needles, threads, feet, and many other things related to a sewing machine’s performance.

Threading in Singer 3337

I am well aware that adjusting the threading on a machine is the thing that annoys my fellow tailors the most, and it is actually the reason that we waste time rather than starting right away the sewing procedure. You won’t have to bother with that using the Singer 3337 sewing machine, just like I don’t! Its automatic needle threader has gotten me through some difficult times, and I have no doubt that it will do the same for you, especially if you are new to sewing.

Bobbin Usage

The sewing machine has a drop in bobbin thread that is extremely simple to adjust and, thanks to its transparency, makes it easier to tell if there is enough thread to last the entire sewing procedure. I adore this feature since it keeps me constantly informed as to whether or not I will run out of thread.


With its 29 internal sewing stitches and the ability to use them in 108 different combinations and ways, this machine makes it simple to construct a wide variety of projects. The stitch selection dial, which is located on the right side of the machine, is quite simple to use and allows you to select the stitch that you will be using, so yeah it has an adjustable stitch length.


The 1-step buttonhole that comes with this machine is something to note because you can use it effortlessly by simply putting the button in place. The Singer 3337 works best for buttonholes, which is what I value most about it.


There are also the Singer 3337’s feet, which I am proud to use as well as a characteristic that Singer is quite proud of. There are five different types of feet in total, one all-purpose, one for sewing buttons, buttonholes, button sewing foot, zipper foot, and one sew easy foot.


Nothing can function appropriately without lighting, and Singer has given this subject some care. This machine now has an LED light, which is fantastic because it brightens the entire area where you will sew. I never made a mistake using the LED light in the Singer 3337, and I have no doubt you won’t either.


The Singer 3337 sewing machine also comes with a free-arm piece that will enable you to stitch the challenging edges of various clothes expertly. A free-arm function will always handle sleeves, pant hems, and other similar items.

Key Specifications Regarding Performance

  • Stitches: 29 Built-In
  • Stitch Applications: 108
  • Feet: 5
  • Light Type: LED

Pros and Cons

  • Greatly Build
  • Good-Looking
  • Automatic Needle-Threader
  • Transparent Bobbin
  • Stitches and Stitch Combinations
  • 1-Step Buttonhole-Works Perfectly
  • 5 Feet Included
  • LED Light
  • Affordable
  • Can get noisy sometimes
  • Being manual, thread cutting can be irritating.
  • Not the best for demanding activities; primarily intended for entry-level jobs

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Singer 3337 sewing machine worth it?

Singer 3337 is a machine that is indeed worth it! Its price is quite low; meanwhile, the features are super high! This machine is really worth it!

What are the accessories that come with Singer 3337?

Whenever you buy a sewing machine, there are a few accessories that combine everything included. Singer 3337 also has a lot of accessories included, such as needles, bobbins, a seam ripper, a screwdriver, and a cover.

Can I use Singer 3337 for embroidery?

Singer 337 is mostly a regular sewing machine, but it will also help you make some simple embroidery jobs. So, yes! The Singer 3337 works great for embroidery.

8.7out of 10

Features & Functions8.5
Easy to use9.0

Final Words

This article has come to an end! Once more, I’d like to highlight that a Singer 3337 sewing machine is unquestionably among the best available options. I am happy to say that the Singer 3337 machine has never failed me, and I believe it won’t ever fail you.

I sincerely hope that in this article, I have covered everything you wanted to know about the Singer 3337!

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