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Singer M3500 Review: Is This Sewing Machine Good Enough?

Alright, let’s get real. Hunting for that perfect sewing machine can be a serious pain in the neck.

But check this out – the Singer M3500 is an absolute game-changer. It comes loaded with features like customizable stitches and even offers unique options such as Free Hand System and Knee Lift Option- it’s packed to capacity!

Whether you’re just dipping your toes into sewing or have been at it for years, the Singer M3500 hits all right notes: functionality, versatility, user-friendly design.

So buckle up as I spill all about my personal experience with this wonder-machine and why I think it deserves a spot on your shortlist.

Features of the Singer M3500

The Singer M3500 sewing machine boasts a remarkable automatic needle threader. This nifty feature makes threading the needle a breeze – just one simple flick of the lever, and voila! The machine smoothly guides your thread right through that tiny eyelet on the needle. No more squinting or shaky hands ruining your flow – this is an absolute time-saver.

But hey, that’s not all there is to love about this little gem. It offers you a ton of other cool features too. For starters, it comes packed with 32 in-built stitches – decorative ones for when you’re feeling fancy; stretch stitches for those tricky fabrics; basic utility ones for everyday needs – you name it! The options are endless which gives so much versatility to handle any project thrown at it!

And have I mentioned its super handy one-step buttonhole function? This bad boy lets you create sleek-looking buttonholes as easy as pie! Plus, it even has adjustable stitch length and width settings allowing total customization according to whatever floats your boat.

All things considered, whether you’re new on the block in sewing territory or already an old hand at this crafty skill set–the Singer M3500 is truly user-friendly and reliable choice worth considering.

Adjustable Stitches and Speed of the Singer M3500

As a committed DIY enthusiast, I absolutely dig the personalizable stitches and speed control of the M3500. It’s like having my own mini sewing studio – allowing me to tweak stitch designs and manage how fast or slow I sew for various projects. The fab thing about this machine is it offers a range of different stitches that can be played around with in terms of length and width. This means I have all the creative freedom to produce unique effects on my clothes or crafts.

With its maximum 5.5mm stitch width and up-to-5mm length, there’s no doubt about achieving precise, professional-like stitching results every time! And if you’re someone who loves getting things done promptly (like me), you’ll appreciate that this baby churns out an impressive rate of up to 900 stitches per minute – talk about efficiency!

But don’t worry if you’re not into high-speed sewing; this model comes with both foot pedal and speed slider options which allow smooth control over your sewing pace – making sure nothing gets in between you owning your project at your comfortable rhythm.

Adjustable Stitches and Speed
Stitch Length: 5mm
Stitch Width: 5.5mm
Maximum Speed: 900 stitches/min


Overall, the adjustable stitches and speed of the M3500 make it a versatile and user-friendly sewing machine that meets the needs of sewists of all skill levels.

Free Hand System and Knee Lift Option of the Singer M3500

I’m seriously digging the Free Hand System and Knee Lift feature on the M3500. It’s a game-changer for handling fabric with ease and making presser foot adjustments like a pro, all thanks to some nifty knee action.

Here are my top three reasons why I can’t get enough of these features:

  • The Free Hand System is an absolute godsend as it lets me keep both hands on my material. This gives me ultimate control and precision while sewing – perfect for those intricate projects that need extra attention.
  • The optional knee lift? Genius! With this baby, lifting or lowering the presser foot using just my knee is no biggie. My hands are free to guide the fabric smoothly around curves and corners without having to stop mid-sew to fiddle with adjusting the presser foot.
  • Plus, plugging in right at front of your machine, this handy-dandy little device hangs out under your table so it doesn’t cramp up your workspace or throw you off beat during sewing sessions.

All things considered; these two awesome features (Free Hand System & Knee Lift) take my M3500 experience from good to great by delivering unprecedented control over fabrics as well providing effortless presser foot adjustments via simple knee movements.

Versatility for Sewists of All Levels With the Singer M3500

The M3500 sewing machine is a total game changer for my crafting projects. Its diverse features make it an absolute delight to use, whether you’re just dipping your toes into the world of sewing or if you’ve been in this gig for years.

This bad boy opens up a whole universe of stitching opportunities, letting me tailor every single project according to my unique style and vision. From designing glamorous dresses to creating quirky DIY accessories – M3500 makes everything possible. The power to adjust stitch length and width puts me in the driver’s seat, giving me full control over how I want my creations to turn out.

One impressive thing about this gadget? It can sew at lightning speed – we’re talking 900 stitches per minute here folks! That means less time working on each piece and more time admiring your finished work (and getting those Instagram-worthy pics!). To sum it all up: If you’re someone who loves exploring different avenues with their creativity no matter what level they are at; then let’s be honest – the M3500 is going down as one epicly reliable sidekick on your creative journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Singer M3500 Sew Through Thick Fabrics Like Denim or Leather?

Absolutely, the Singer M3500 can totally handle tough stuff like denim and leather. Thanks to its robust motor and solid build, this sewing machine breezes through heavier materials without breaking a sweat. This makes it an all-around champ for pretty much any sewing project you’ve got in mind.

Does the Singer M3500 Have an Automatic Needle Threader?

Yes! The Singer M3500 comes with a nifty automatic needle threader. No more squinting or fumbling around trying to get that pesky thread into your needle – just let this handy feature do it effortlessly for you. Whether you’re new to sewing or practically a pro, everyone appreciates saving some precious time on threading.

Is the Speed of the Singer M3500 Adjustable?

Definitely! You have total control over how fast (or slow) the Singer M350 runs with the help of either the foot pedal or speed control slider. This allows you to work at your own rhythm – whether that’s full speed ahead or taking things steady.

Can the Singer M3500 Be Used for Quilting Projects?

Yes indeed! With adjustable stitches and tons of options available, even quilting projects are no biggie for the mighty little singer m3-500.This baby is far from being one-dimensional; regardless of your skill level when it comes down quilting ,it’s gonna deliver top-notch results every time!

Does the Singer M3500 Come With Any Additional Presser Feet or Accessories?

Sure thing! When snagging yourself a brand-new singer m3-500 not only will be getting quality performance but also heaps of additional pressers feet and accessories . From zipper foot right through buttonhole foot ,button-sewing foot and your everyday all-purpose foot- you name it, this sewing machine’s got it. All the extra bells and whistles really boost its versatility to handle a wide array of sewing projects.


Wrapping things up, the Singer M3500 is a total game-changer for anyone who’s crazy about sewing. It’s got adjustable stitches and speed that lets you tweak it to your liking while ensuring razor-sharp precision. The Free Hand System and Knee Lift Option? Pure genius – they make controlling fabric a breeze. Whether you’re just dipping your toes into the world of sewing or are already an old hand at it, this machine packs in all you need with its killer combo of user-friendliness and high functionality. Don’t let this chance slip by; level up your sewing game with the Singer M3500!