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Bernette B70 Review: A Splendid Pick For Domestic Use

Growing up in a household where the sewing machine significantly impacted my early development, my granny spent considerable time with me. She was teaching me how to sew, clean, cook, and take care of myself and my personal needs, as much as my family’s. That is how I got the idea of adding flavor and refreshment to some of my old clothes.

I knew I would need an embroidery machine to satisfy my desire. I did research and realized there are many high-quality embroidery machines. But I found my champion.

I chose Bernette B70 for a reason; Why?- In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about this embroidery gem and understand why I fell in love with it.

Bernette b70

A superb option for those considering entering tailoring or those who own small businesses and don't need anything too serious.

Key Takeaways

  • Pure embroidery machine which can create designs and decorations on any fabric
  • Over 200 embroidery designs
  • Bernina Cloud offers a broader selection of motifs
  • You can also create and save your designs
  • A wide range of accessories and a detailed manual come with the purchase of the machine.

Why Bernette B70?

There are many different brands of embroidery machines on the market nowadays. Some are used in small businesses, and some in the design industry by huge companies.

I find Bernina’s Bernette B70 suitable for domestic and small businesses. This machine is ideal for beginners because it’s wholly digitalized. I highly respect the Swiss brand Bernina. The company invests a lot in advancing its products.

The machine is not cheap at all but indeed is my favorite.


The following accessories come in a package with the machine when you purchase it:

  • Three bobbins
  • Second spool pin
  • Spool net
  • Touchscreen pen
  • Brush/ Seam ripper
  • Selection of needles
  • Spool disc large
  • Power cable
  • Spool disc middle
  • Felt disc
  • Spool disc small
  • Embroidery hoop large
  • Screwdriver Embroidery hoop medium
  • Dust cover Embroidery hoop small
  • Lubricator
  • Hopper embroidery foot (JX)
  • Embroidery foot (JL)


Like any other Bernina sewing machine, this reminds me of Star Wars. They had all kinds of gadgets looking fancy, like this machine. The difference is that Bernette B70 can embroider many designs. You already have a wide range of them in the software, and you can add the ones you like.

With Bernette B70, most function buttons are on the front side of the machine, along with the display. Since it’s a digitalized piece of machinery, the display plays a huge role in using it.

Front Side Overview

  • On the right side, you will find the plug-in, the foot controller, and the light switch.
  • The tread cutter is on the left side, just above the needle holder.
  • The Upper Multifunctional knob changes the setting values in the embroidery and setup program.
  • The Lower Multifunctional knob adjusts the setup program and the setting values.
  • Press the Needle button so you can thread the bobbin thread.
  • To maneuver the presser foot up or down, you can use the up/down foot presser button.
  • Touch the Motif Centre icon to position the hoop so that the needle is placed precisely above the center of the embroidery motif.
  • To set the embroidery hoop according to the needle position on the display, press the button to Check motif size.
  • Touch the icon to facilitate the needle threading and get enough free space from the needle to the embroidery frame. Centre the embroidery frame to the hand.

Top overview

  • Thread take-up lever
  • Winding unit and holder for second spool pin
  • Thread pretension
  • Stopper winding unit
  • Thread guide
  • Touchscreen pen
  • Spool pin
  • Thread cutter

Besides the front and side overview commands, the machine has an additional part embroidery module where you can attach the embroidery hoop for easier control over your work.

Tread Selection

The fabric quality plays an enormous role in getting perfect results, as much as using trades with high quality. Let’s get some understanding about which thread goes well with which fabric.

  • For example, cotton threads go well with cotton fabrics because they have natural fiber.
  • Polyester threads are flexible, and they have adequate tensile strength. That’s why they are used where solid and elastic seams are needed.
  • Rayon threads are suitable for decorations and can achieve beautiful effects because they are made of natural fibers and have a brilliant sheen. What you will not lose their quality with washing are mercerized cotton threads.


Bernette B70 DECO is a leading embroidery machine for home use. Its ability to give impressive decorations to clothes and accessories makes it suitable for usage in small businesses.

With over 200 embroidery designs installed and the ability to upload and save your arrangements through USB flash, you will get a chance to raise your creativity to a higher level. By gaining access to the Bernina Cloud, you will access a broader selection of motifs to download or edit directly in the cloud through your laptop or tablet.

Another convenient attribute is that B70 DECO has a thread sensor that stops the embroidering when the bobbins go out of thread. And the eco mode on the machine gives you to use the device while saving energy.

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