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Best Sewing Machine Accessories Every Tailor Should Have

All tailors love to have some things that will make their job better and funnier as well. Doing the things you love, especially talking about me, I love to have sewing tools for my swing machines.

Those sewing supplies not only complete the kit, but all of them help you do the job in the best way possible and with impressive ease.

In this article, I will mention the best sewing machine accessories you can use and, most importantly, their usage. The sewing supplies that I will mention are all simple, and you will probably have an idea of how you should use them, but hey, I will tell you again.

Now, without any further ado, let me start this article!

Best Sewing Machine Accessories

There are tons of sewing tools that you can have for your quilting and embroidery projects, but I would like to mention some of them! I am sure that you already know that the first thing needed in order to sew is the fabric. Based on that, the list of sewing machine accessories goes as follows:

1. Scissors

For some people, sewing is a synonym for cutting, and one of the essential sewing tools that every tailor needs are scissors. Still, let me say that only one pair of scissors is never enough! It is definitely better if you have more scissors in your workshop, especially big and small scissors, at the same time, as you never know what you will need.

As I mentioned both big and small scissors for sewing, I would like to tell you the ones that I use are Singer 00561 scissors that come from Singer, the brand that brings some of the most excellent sewing machines to the market; meanwhile, the small scissors that I use are Acronde, which have a unique vintage look.

2. Chalks

The following sewing machine accessory that you will definitely need is chalk! Chalks will help you before you do the cuttings, as you can easily mark whatever is needed or not needed. Chalk will help you keep in mind what you should do during the whole sewing process.

I love colorful chalks; whenever I am in my atelier, the chalks that accompany me come from Mr. Pen. The chalks that I use are washable and indeed amazing, and they really ease my whole sewing process, whenever I need to make some drawings.

3. Pins

Moving on, I would like to mention pins as important accessories for every sewing machine. You will need them basically to keep everything in its place, and that’s because I know how frustrating it is for a tailor to have to sew two pieces of fabric while they are moving and moving. There are three types of pins that one can use, and they are ballpoint pins, silk pins, and quilting pins. Still, I would recommend you to use pins will colorful heads so that during the process of sewing, you can notice them faster.

More is always better, and I love having a massive number of pins that would help me do the job quicker, and the pins that I use are 500 in number. So, even if any of you loses one or two, I love the fact that you know you have plenty more to use.

4. Needles

Without a needle, your sewing machine will never sew! Well, that concludes with the fact that needles aren’t just accessories that you can use with your sewing machine but are the roots of a good sewing job. Still, I chose to mention them as accessories because you should keep in mind buying extra sewing machine needles whenever you can.

There are plenty of needles you can find on the market, but some that I use come from Kidoom. These needles come as a pack of 50 pieces and work amazingly with well-known sewing machines from professional brands.

5. Threads

The fifth accessory that is needed to be seen around your sewing machine is a pack of threads. You should never run to buy threads when you need one, as many of them come as a set, and instead of running around trying to find the one you need, you can find out threads that come as a set and include every kind of color.

There are many threads that you can find, but the ones I use are LEONIS threads, which come at 30 pieces of threads in only one pack. They are made of polyester, come in 30 different colors, are very strong, and will never be cut out of the needle.

6. Measuring Tape/Ruler

When a client comes to your workshop or atelier and brings a fabric that needs to be sewn for him or her, the thing you need most is a measuring tape! That’s because clothes aren’t made to fit everybody, and you cannot work with the same measurements in everyone. A measuring tape is one of the most crucial things you need hanging around your sewing machine.

I love to use soft measuring tapes as they are super-flexible and do not take up too much space in my workplace. You can find some coming from the brand iBayam, as they are the ones I use; plus, in a purchase, you will find five measuring tapes.

7. Seam Ripper

Hence its name, a seam ripper, is one of those sewing machine accessories that will help you remove steam or else way known as a stitch. I am quite sure that many of you use small scissors in order to deal with them, but still, owning a seam ripper is the best this that you can purchase as it has a pointy end that will fit everywhere you want.

Just like in the scissors part, I love to use two kinds of seam rippers; big and small ones. Well, as I love to use them, I have chosen a pair of steam rippers, that comes again from Singer as a brand, and in one pack, you will find both a big and a small seam ripper.

8. Iron

You will surely need an iron and ironing board next to your sewing machine, and besides that, you will also need an ironing board. However, irons are needed after the whole process of sewing, as you can see what you did after everything is ready. It will help you see everything freshly made; plus, having everything straightened up on your hands will allow you to notice whether you made an error or not.

I love modern irons, and with modern irons, I mean the versatile ones used in different fabrics. The iron I use is a professional one and it is the PurSteam Professional Grade Iron, that deals with any kind of fabric I may use while sewing.

9. Machine Cover

A super important thing that sewing machines love and need is the sewing machine cover. If you want to protect your sewing machine while you are not working with it, a cover for it will be the best thing that you can do. It protects the machine from dust and any kind of dirt, making it stay with you for a pretty amount of time.

To be honest, I love using a sewing machine cover when I am not working on my sewing machine. Plus, I love colorful things, and the one I use comes from Homest, and let me tell you that it is quite pretty. It also has storage pockets where I put my scissors, seam ripper, and pins.

Extra: Carrying Case

If you are using a portable machine, there is also one other thing you can use: a carrying case. I own a portable machine and I move a lot! That’s why, if you are one like me, there are a lot of cases that you can find, and I would like to mention the brand HOMEST again, as they have a great universal carrying case in which you can easily put any kind of portable machine from any kind of brand.

Final Words

My lovely readers, here we are at the end of this article in which I mentioned to you some of the best sewing supplies for a sewing machine. I couldn’t help but also mention everything that I use so that you can have a clearer idea of what you should own.

I really hope that this article provides you with everything you need to know about the best sewing machine accessories!

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