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Best Sewing Thread for Sewing Machines in 2022

Choosing the type of thread for sewing machine you will need for your project can be challenging because of the huge variety of sewing threads that exist on the market today.

Certain threads are suitable to use for specific projects and before you purchase a sewing thread, you need to determine the composition of your project.

Sewing machines usually have the capacity of working with various different types of threads if they are characterized with being high-quality and durable.

A Quick Look at My Favorite Threads for Sewing Machines

Bonded Nylon Sewing Thread

Bonded Nylon Sewing Thread

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Maxi-Lock Cone Thread Black

Maxi-Lock Cone Thread Black

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Gutermann 25049 Natural Cotton Thread

Gutermann 25049 Natural Cotton Thread

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Mandala Crafts Tex 70 Bonded Nylon Thread f

Mandala Crafts Tex 70 Bonded Nylon Thread f

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COATS & CLARK Extra Strong Upholstery Thread

COATS & CLARK Extra Strong Upholstery Thread

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LEONIS 30 Color Set of Handy Polyester Sewing Threads

LEONIS 30 Color Set of Handy Polyester Sewing Threads

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SINGER60110All Purpose Polyester Thread

SINGER60110All Purpose Polyester Thread

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Key Takeaways

  • The type of sewing thread that will be used for your sewing project depends on the density of the fabric you try to use.
  • Certain threads are suitable for utilization in the process of sewing by hand or using a sewing machine.
  • The strongest and most durable threads that exist on the market are usually produced from synthetic fibers.
  • Sewing threads that are known for their thickness are most commonly considered to be the most durable.
  • In comparison to synthetic threads such as nylon and polyester, cotton thread is known to be less dense and harsh to the touch while at the same time staying strong.

The Top Seven Best Sewing Threads for a Sewing Machine

Among many of the different types of threads that are available to purchase, there is a selection that is characterized with versatility, durability and usefulness.

Certain threads are better when they are compared to other types of sewing threads, which is why it is very important to choose your individually preferred one.

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7. The Bonded Nylon Sewing Thread – Best for Solid Fabrics

A large and weighty type of thread that is very commonly used and mentioned in the world of sewing is the Bonded Nylon Sewing Thread. Known for its denseness, this thread has served me numerous times in the process of creating projects involving hefty fabrics.

This thread is also known for being resistant to breakage and fraying, and thus ensure you that you got exactly what you paid for.


  • Suitable for working with soft and stuffed cushions.
  • The heaviness of this thread is the reason for its longevity.
  • No fraying can be visible by the use of this thread.


  • The slick feel of this thread can make it hard to work with for beginners.

Why Should You Buy It?

If you are on the hunt for a strong thread that can be used with bulky and solid fabrics, the Bonded Nylon Sewing Thread can be a great option.

6. The American & Efird Maxi-Lock Cone Thread – Best for Heavy-Duty Machines

When I was a beginner in sewing, I did not know the difference between various types of threads that are used for a sewing machine.

Once I got the hang of it and bought a higher quality sewing machine, I realized that threads such as the Maxi-Lock Cone perform much better when they are used with a professional and heavy-duty sewing machine.

High speed, strength and stretching does not negatively affect this type of thread which makes it very practical and simple to work with.


  • Unlike many different low quality types of threads, the Maxi-Lock Cone does not break while it is being used on a sewing machine.
  • It is produced from synthetic polyester which additionally boosts its strength and durability.
  • Even though this thread is characterized as being high quality, at the same time it is very affordable for almost everyone’s budget.


  • The use of this thread may require spending more time and effort in order to successfully complete your sewing projects.
  • Some people find it hard to work with because of its density.
  • Beginners are most commonly known to struggle with the level of strength that this thread requires when it has been used with a sewing machine.

Why Should You Buy It?

If you choose to purchase this particular type of thread, you will get a sturdy product without spending a large amount of money. People often choose to buy the American & Efird Maxi-Lock Cone sewing machine Thread if they are in possession of a strong and powerful sewing machine that can endure working with strong threads such as this one.

5. The Gutermann 25049 Natural Cotton Thread – Best for Beginners

Among the most popular manufacturers that are known for producing sewing threads is the Gutermann Company.

I frequently visit their website whenever I am in need of a high-quality type of thread. This particular kind of thread is one of the best cotton threads I have used so far because of how versatile and soft to the touch it can be.

This thread was one of the first ones I had used on my sewing machine when I was a beginner and it never caused me any trouble or frustration. The elegant feel that this thread can produce in regards to the project is worth discovering and trying.


  • Although this cotton thread is known for its softness, it is also strong.
  • It can be used for sewing by hand or with a sewing machine.
  • It does not break during the process of sewing.


  • The use of this sewing thread requires carefulness and delicate approach without using much strength.
  • It can be slightly more expensive in comparison to other threads with lower quality.

Why Should You Buy It?

The Gutermann 25049 Natural Cotton Thread works well while it is being used in a sewing machine without causing any trouble connected to breakage. People are also able to use this sewing machine thread for sewing by hand because of its well-rounded characteristics.

4. The Mandala Crafts Tex 70 Bonded Nylon Thread for Sewing – Best for Leather

A type of thread that is known to be highly effective for many purposes, the Mandala Crafts Tex 70 Bonded Nylon Thread is definitely on the top of my list.

I have tested this thread made out of nylon on various different fabrics such as leather and denim and it performed exceptionally every single time.

My first completed project by using this thread was the creation of a leather strap for my favorite handbag. This strong and powerfully produced type of thread is suitable for creating projects that are known for their solidness and heftiness. It is also very practical for repairing furnishings around your home and thus providing a quick and effective fix.


  • This thread is resistant to heat and breakage.
  • Strong enough to be used with thick fabrics.
  • Great to use for repairing house furnishings.


  • It can be elusive and challenging to work with for beginners.
  • People have reported that the color of the thread fades over time.

Why Should You Buy It?

The Mandala Crafts Tex 70 Bonded Nylon Thread lives up to the expectations of everyone because its performance is known to be as good as its advertisement claims.

3. The COATS & CLARK Extra Strong Upholstery Thread – Most Durable

Coming across this thread was my first time learning about and discovering the Coats & Clark Company.

I was intrigued by the thread being advertised as thick enough to endure and work efficiently on chunky fabrics.

Deciding to try it out was probably one of the best decisions I have made when it comes to experimentation with sewing by using my sewing machine because of the dependable and indestructible strength that the thread provides.


  • The durability of this thread makes it resistant to unraveling.
  • The process of machine sewing with this thread is very smooth and effortless.


  • Because of its thickness and volume, this thread is not the most cost effective.

Why Should You Buy It?

Oftentimes, certain projects require the use of a sturdy thread that will not break or make it hard to work with on a sewing machine. This is when The COATS & CLARK Extra Strong Upholstery Thread comes in handy because of its proven density and longevity.

2. The LEONIS 30 Color Set of Handy Polyester Threads – Best Value

The first time I used this polyester thread, I was amazed with the variability of colors that the set came with. They are long and sturdy without the possibility of breaking which allowed me to finish my projects with ease.

The performance of this type of polyester thread enabled me to complete large projects without spending an enormous amount of time.

Apart from being sturdy enough to endure the creation of large projects, it is also suitable for quick repair projects. In addition to their strength, the threads come in a set including many different colors to choose from and use in projects that involve the expression of creativity and inclusion of details.


  • The threads are long enough to last in the distant future.
  • Great to use by beginners because it is practical and versatile.
  • It is characterized as being sturdy for completing large sewing projects.


  • The set of threads may appear small on the first glance.
  • Some people have reported that this type of thread works better for hand sewing.

Why Should You Buy It?

Although this thread may appear small and suitable for finishing quick projects, its durability has shown that it can do much more than that.

1. The SINGER60110 All Purpose Polyester Thread – All-Purpose Thread

I purchased this thread to create pieces of clothing by using my sewing machine because of its name claiming to be suitable for various purposes.

Its flexibility made it very easy to work with and the pieces that I created have lasted me for a long time without losing their original quality.

Purchasing the SINGER60110 All Purpose Polyester Thread will enable you to work on dense fabrics without the possibility of breaking or causing any frustration in the process.


  • It is known for its high quality.
  • Strong and durable for creating various different types of projects.


  • It is known to be costly.

Why Should You Buy It?

The Singer Company is known for its products that are worth for the price, so you can never go wrong by trying this durable and flexible type of thread.

The projects that are completed by using The LEONIS 30 Color Set polyester thread, no matter how small or large, are proven to be resistant to breakage and falling to pieces.

Things To Consider Before Purchase


Certain projects that involve the use of dense fabrics require the need of threads that are characterized with an ability to endure the denseness.


Threads that are known as being durable will contribute to the longevity of the completed project.


It is very important for a thread for sewing machine to be resistant to breaking which is one characteristic of a good quality thread.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to sew with cotton or polyester thread?

Choosing the type of thread for sewing ultimately depends on what you are trying to achieve in regard to your particular project. Originally, cotton threads are known to be much more subtle when they are compared to polyester thread.

How do I choose a sewing thread?

Deciding which type of thread you will choose for your projects can highly depend on the type of fabric you are planning to use. Not all threads are suitable to use with dense and thick fabrics, so choose wisely in order to not cause damage to your sewing machine or to the threads.

Which is stronger cotton or nylon thread?

When it comes to strength and level of resistance, the nylon thread has an advantage over the cotton thread. The nylon thread is produced from synthetic fibers which are known to hold the durability of an item for long periods of time.

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Final Words

Gaining significant experience when it comes to sewing is the key to success.

In addition, staying informed about the different sewing threads for sewing machines that are available on the market will provide you with the necessary knowledge you require in order to successfully produce different types of projects.

Beginners in sewing can often get lost and confused because of the huge variety of sewing threads and whether their chosen sewing machine has the capacity to endure certain types of sewing threads.