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Brother 1034D vs. Brother 1034DX: A Comparison Of the Best

Looking for a powerful heavy-duty sewing machine that also has an inexpensive price tag? As their slogan suggests brother is by your side. The two amazing models they showcase for this category are the Brother 1034d and Brother 1034dx. Even if you could be confused by their

names alone, their comparison won’t automatically be unclear. At the end of this article, you will have in detail information about the dissimilarities between the two and will easily be able to answer the dilemma “Brother 1034d vs Brother 1034dx”.

If by chance you do not have time to stick around until the end of this article, I will save you some time. The better choice of machinery is the Brother 1034dx. With this model, you get everything you need with a plethora of useful features. If you get into specifics and into more detail, you’ll end up praising the 1034dx over its counterpart.

Key Takeaways

  • Both serger sewing machines are extremely well built and will last the user for a long time.
  • The 1034dx is slightly heavier than the 1034d.
  • The 1034d and the 1034dx can both sow at a speed of 1,330 stitches per minute making them very reliable and fast sewing machines.
  • If you are looking for an inexpensive option, the 1034dx is very well-priced.
  • The 1034d does not pay close attention to the tailor’s demands and desires, but the 1034dx is more user-friendly.

Brother 1034D vs Brother 1034DX – What are the Key Differences?

The Brother Serger Machine 1034D

Suitable for experienced and trained tailors or even beginners, you can say that the Brother 1034d has something for all. At first glance this massive machinery might intimidate you, coming in at 13.45 pounds (6.1 kilograms) it is not a light appliance. But of course, with this weight,

the manufacturers at Brother have given great power to the user.

Being built with powerful sewing mechanisms, the Brother 1034d does not forget about comfort either. The frame that holds the appliance together is built from quality metal and plastic also which means that it has longevity. 

With power, comfort, and longevity it seems like the manufacturers at Brother have built the perfect model. Well, that is not exactly the case, the 1034d comes with its drawbacks as well when it comes to its threading abilities. After all, they do say that the devil is in the details, and it appears that the Brother 1034d model has missed this aphorism.

The Brother Serger Machine 1034DX

Having just one extra letter from the previously mentioned model, almost everyone wonders what makes the Brother 1034dx so special. Well, the Brother 1034dx delivers optimum performance in all fields, without sacrificing any of the essentials of a well-made powerful sewing machine. On the other hand, it is also a little less expensive than its current competitor.

The Brother 1034dx gives the user a relaxing feel when used and at the same time, it does a great job delivering power to the left needle cover stitch at tremendous speeds securely. Being a high-end performance model at an achievable price rate, the 1034dx is commonly used and appreciated in its community.

If we started talking and answering the questions about all the little details about these two machines, I bet that I can go on for hours and there’d still be things left to cover. However, I know you’re not here for praise; you are here looking for an answer, and that is exactly what I’m going to provide you with all the information you need. The resolution to your dilemma will be delivered to you in the form of well-informed categories that will aid anybody in the decision-making process.

Durability And Build

The stability of your future sewing machine is important, seeing that it also dictates how long you will be working with it.

Rest assured, the Brother manufacturers are known to make life-long sewing companions. Using the finest metal to build the machine and its engine, the two models we are talking about are also covered with plastic. The plastic used on the 1034d and 1034dx is not of poor quality, and it is a wise choice because it makes the equipment feel lighter and smoother, even

though it is made of strong metal.

The Brother 1034d is a heavy-duty machine. To be more specific, it weighs 13.45 pounds or 6.1 kilograms. This weight ensures a sense of security while using the machine, which allows the sewer to sow easily without any worries.

Its counterpart, on the other hand, it’s even heavier. The Brother 1034dx weighs exactly 

16.4 pounds (7.4 kilograms). Now, this weight might seem unimportant to some, but as previously mentioned, this heavy machine guarantees the tailor a strong and self-assured

sewing experience.

Both machines are durable in the long run since Brother is known for their quality and longevity. Customers also report being satisfied with the warranties of their heavy-duty sewing machines. Of course, I am not hinting that you will need to use your warranty, let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. However, their customer service is great, which means that the manufacturers care about the appliances and the buyers.

Stitching Possibilities

A key factor when choosing the perfect sewing machine is its stitching capabilities. After all, that is the main focus of the item itself.

To get right into it, the Brother 1034d can handle multiple layers of fabrics without a problem all while being able to sew at a speed of 1,300 stitches per minute. This trustworthy threader has 22 built-in stitching functions. To assist these functions, it has two needles and 3 or 4 threaders. The threaders are even color-coded to ease the job of the tailor even more. The stitch length and width are adjustable in this model also, allowing the 1034d to stitch widths from 5.0 – 7.0mm and stitch lengths 2.0 – 4.0mm. With an official price of 279.99 USD$, the Brother 1034d provides nearly everything needed for the ideal strong heavy-duty sewing machine.

The Brother 1034dx does not hold back either though. The 1034dx is known to be a powerful sewing machine as well. Being able to also sow at the speed of 1,300 stitches per minute with two needles it is also known as a 3/4 threader making it a very flexible machine. The power it has while sewing poses no problem when sewing different thicknesses of fabric. It is also known to be amazing to use with knits leaving no nasty aftereffect at all. When it comes to customizable the 1034dx is capable of a stitching width from 5.0 to 7.0mm and a length from 2.0 to 4.0mm. For 189.95 USD$, this sewing machine provides everything needed in a heavy-duty model at an inexpensive price.

The main visible difference between these two machines when it comes to stitching is user usability. Details like pressure foot markers, the threading order on the body of the machine, and the free arm shape are better done in the 1034dx model. They suit and assist the user throughout the use of the machine more than the 1034d.

Accessory bonuses

An important feature is the small details and bonuses right out of the box. These experiences shape the customer’s idea of the product. The Brother manufacturers are well aware of this assisting the users with soft covers for their machines, manuals, LED lights, and different types of foot variations.

For starters, the 1034dx has a better lighting function. It produces a brighter and whiter light rather than the yellowish tone of light you will find in the 1034d model. Another bonus that the 1034dx does better is has a custom tool storage space inside of the machine itself so even if you forget your threading tool, the 1034dx will not.

The bonuses are manufactured better in the 1034dx thinking more about the user side of things and thus making it the winner regarding this topic.

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Final Thoughts!

In the end, the final choice should be made by the buyer themselves since everyone has personal preferences. 

The 1034d is a great choice for a powerful machine, you couldn’t go wrong with it. However, its competition the 1034dx has perfected the details that the 1034d model lacks. Picking either machine would not be a mistake, as the Brother manufacturers have made two excellent heavy-duty sewing machines that are both equipped with the latest designs.

This is it, enjoy!