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Brother Serger 1034D Review: A Solid Pick for Tailors

If by chance, you are in the market for a well-built heavy duty sewing machine, your eyes might have landed on the machine called Brother 1034d. Considering purchasing this model is a well-made decision. The Brother 1034d is a quality sewing machine and it is designed to be easy to use. It has a lot of features that make it a great choice for beginners but also experienced sewers. Plus, it is well-built and durable, so when it comes to longevity, you can expect it to last.

To better understand the Brother 1034d’s uniqueness, I will thoroughly describe its most notable characteristics so that you, as a potential buyer, may conclude this article well-informed about the machine at hand.

Key Takeaways

  • The Brother Serger 1034d is a heavy-duty, durable sewing machine that weight 13.45 pounds (6.1 kilograms)
  • This machine has an impressive above-average stitching per minute rate, to be precise 1,300 stitches per minute.
  • An amazing feature of Serge’s interaction with fabric is its capability to easily work with knitted materials without damaging them, also the retractable knife blade feature that disengages knives.
  • The light that comes with the 1034d does not damage your eyes and makes it possible for the tailor to work with it for a long time.
  • It is a highly recommended sewing machine for beginners, but it is also widely used by experts.

Brother Serger 1034D: Feature-Packed Sewing Machine

Brother Serge 1034D

One of the best sewing machines on the market, very well constructed, strong, and well crafted. Additionally, it is quite simple to use, making it useful for both novice and experienced tailors.

Built and Durability

The Brother 1034d Serger Machine is a sturdy, well-made machine. The durability and ease of operation of this sewing machine set it apart from the competition. It has a low noise level and is heavy in its weight while at the same time being comfortable to use.

The sturdiness of this serger machine may also come from the built of it as well. The 1034d is built from high-end quality metal which is encased in a plastic finish. The plastic used gives it a smooth feel to the touch.  This makes the machine itself heavy for most people, weighing 13.45 pounds (6.1 kilograms).

Generally speaking, Brother manufacturers completely deliver on this machine’s build quality and longevity, so you can anticipate getting years’ worth of use out of the 1034d with no damage or loss of power. In the unlikely event that the sewing machine is damaged in the course of work, they also provide fantastic warranty plans that please the end customer.

Stitching Properties

When it comes to stitching, the Brother 1034d is fully equipped with speed and power. Being able to sow at a speed above the average of other sewing machines, this model also gives the tailor a sense of security while using it.

The maximum stitching speed of 1034d is 1,300 stitches per minute. You may also easily change the speed and tension settings. Pairing this with a variety of ribbon lock stitches and features makes this machine perfect for any project. It also has 22 unique stitching patterns built-in and two available needles, which adds to its list of great features.

The tailor is also given 3 or 4 threaders to work with alongside adjustable stitching lengths and widths. Stitching width adjustments range from 5.00mm to 7.0mm, while length changes range from 2.0mm to 4.0mm. Overall, the Brother Serger 1034d gives the tailor a wonderful stitching experience.

Interaction With Fabrics

Known to be a heavy-duty sewing machine, the Brother Serger 1034d can work with multiple layers of fabric easily. It is an excellent machine for anyone who intends to work with different fabrics. Due to it being easy to use and having a large variety of features that are suitable for various types of garments, it is an ideal machine for interacting with threads.

One of the great features the Brother Serger 1034d has is its ability to sew knitted threads without causing any harm to the garment itself. It is a great machine if you intend on working with a variety of fabrics.

Lighting Type

First off, I need to start this section by saying the LED light on the 1034d is a praiseworthy addition to the heavy-duty machine. You would think that having a good light would be a norm on every sewing machine but sadly it is a detail that it missed.

Although I feel a need to mention that the light used on this particular model leans towards a more yellow hue than white. While most do not appreciate this, logically it is better at reducing strain on your eyes when you are sewing for long periods.

Included Feet

The Brother Serger 1034d comes with several included feet right out of the box which of course is a great element that the manufacturers have added in.

To get straight to the point and not waste any more time the feet included are standard feet, blind stitch feet, and gathering feet. It also has the excellent feature of having the foot pressure adjusted, which makes the machine even more individualized and customized for the tailor when it comes to feet.

Out Of The Box Accessories

The engineers and designers of Brother Serger 1034d have thought of everything when it comes to the user of this machine.

Right out of the box, this rig comes with different kinds of accessories, such as a soft cover for the machine itself, tweezers, an accessory bag that has a set of standard sewing machine needles in it, and even thread nets and thread spool caps.  Along with the sewing machine, you also get a cleaning brush, a screwdriver, and of course, an instruction manual to help you get started. Not to forget the added pedal for foot control.

All in all, when it comes to the accessory list you don’t get much better than the list on Brother Serger 1034d.

Beginner Friendly

The Brother Serger 1034d is an excellent regular sewing machine for beginners and is highly recommended as well. It has a user-friendly design that makes the stitching process a pleasure. The automated needle threader and one-step buttonhole it has are just two of the numerous features that make this machine ideal for novices. The Brother Serger 1034d is suitable for both beginner, and experienced sewers who wish to easily construct creative sewing projects in a breeze.

Final Verdict/Rating

To summarize, this machine is ideal for any sewer. It comes with everything you need and features that will only make your tailoring adventure more enjoyable. It is a worthwhile investment for the bargain price it has.

All I can say is if you are looking for a sign about if you should buy the heavy-duty machine Brother Serger 1034d, this is it. I can promise that you will not be sorry.

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