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Can a Leather Jacket be Tailored? (Explained)

A leather jacket is a statement piece that almost everyone has in their wardrobe regardless of age or gender. This type of jacket looks good no matter what kind of combination are you wearing it with, casual, business, fancy-dinner date, a walk in the park, literally anything.

So, of course, it is really important to find a leather jacket that fits you like a glove. But what happens when your favorite leather jacket doesn’t fit you anymore, what if you lost or gained weight, should you give it to someone else? Or what if you try the perfect leather jacket, but they only have it in one size that doesn’t fit you, should you forget about it? If you’ve ever asked yourself can a leather jacket be tailored, this is the time you find out!

Can you make a leather jacket fit you better?

You can make most clothes fit you better by having them tailored. However, when it comes to altering your leather jackets you have to be careful because leather is a thicker fabric, and tailoring it is not as easy as with other fabrics.

If your leather jacket is big on you then yes, it can be tailored to fit you better, however, if it’s a bit too small you don’t even have to worry because leather can stretch after you wear it for a longer time.

If your jacket is a few sizes too small then we’re afraid there is nothing you can do, you can try to talk to a professional tailor, but adding fabric to it to make it bigger will probably cost you more than the jacket itself and it’s a tedious task.

Things to keep in mind when getting your leather jacket tailored

As we mentioned, you can get a leather jacket tailored to fit you better, however, you need to keep a few things in mind. How well will your jacket look after it’s been tailored will depend on how much you take these factors into consideration.

Go to a professional

Tailoring a leather jacket is not a DIY project that you can do at home on the small sewing machine you use for basic sewing projects. For leather, you need a heavy-duty sewing machine with a thick thread and needle that can pierce through the tough fabric.

Also, it requires skill, so if you have no idea where to start, it’s better if you don’t start at all. If you try to do it yourself and you are inexperienced you will end up with ugly needle holes from where the thread used to be all over the sides of your jacket. This is why it is best to go to a tailor, but not just any local tailor.

You want to make sure that the tailor you take your jacket to is a professional when it comes to working with leather, some tailors work with other fabrics and might not have the skills to work with leather. Also, you want to make sure that the tailor has the right machinery to do the alterations because leather requires special machines that not every tailoring studio has.

Also, make sure you check an amazing list of sewing machines to sew leather.

Keep in mind the style

The type of leather your jacket is made from is very important when it comes to tailoring. For example, if your jacket is made from thin faux leather it can tear very easily when making alterations. Also, if your jacket has too many accessories like belts, buckles, decorations, patches, and so on, those can get in the way.

Keep in mind that the places that need to be tailored also matter. The zipper area, the collar, and the pocket are usually never altered. The zipper is industrially sewn in place and it stays there during alterations, the pockets, and the collar also stay intact because they are tricky to work with and require specialized skills.

Another place that can be almost impossible to tailor is the shoulder area so make sure, if nothing else, the shoulders on your jacket fit perfectly. The easiest parts to alter on a leather jacket are the seams.

How much does it cost to tailor leather?

Tailoring a jacket is a meticulous job, it almost takes as much time as making a new jacket altogether. The price to get it professionally tailored will vary depending on a few factors. The price will depend on your location and of course the general economy in your area, also the tailor himself.

Some tailors have made a name for themselves and can charge extra for their work. As we mentioned the type of leather and the style of the jacket are also very important, and last, the type of work you want to be done needs to be taken into consideration.

If I need to put a number on it, we would say that getting a leather jacket tailored costs anywhere from $50 to $250.

Going a size down or up

Always remember that tailoring a jacket can only go so far. You can’t expect to tailor your leather jacket 3 sizes down because it will not look good.

The placement of the zipper, the pockets, the shoulders, and the collar are usually not altered, so if those don’t match the size you want your jacket to be, then tailoring it will be no use.

As we mentioned, tailoring a size up can be difficult, but we won’t say impossible. If, however, you need just a bit of stretch so that you’ll be more comfortable, don’t worry, leather usually starts to stretch out as you wear it more and more.


If you have a leather jacket that just needs a little tuck here and there, don’t sweat it, take it to a professional and in no time you’ll have the perfect fitting jacket. However, if it’s too tight and you’ve already been wearing it for a long time, then tailoring can be tricky.

In order to tailor a leather jacket, the seams need to be torn apart and sewn in a different position. This is why making the jacket tighter is easier, you just need to pinch the fabric closer, but if you want the jacket to be bigger, the seams need to be loose leaving the old thread holes exposed.

The main takeaway from this article should be that, yes, you can get your leather jacket tailored, but you need to consult with a professional first and consider the price.