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Coverstitch vs. Serger: Comparing Machine Types

Buying sewing machines that will surely satisfy your sewing needs can be difficult because of the various different types and models that exist on the market. Certain models are known to be more beneficial than others and it is important to consider everything before deciding to purchase one.

Coverstitch and serger are two machines that differ in various ways. In this article today, we’re going to make a comparison between Coverstitch vs Serger, and see which one can fulfill your needs the most.

Key Takeaways

  • The workspace of the cover stitch machine is larger and more comfortable to work with when it is compared to the workspace on the serger machine.
  • The serger machine contains a knife that automatically cuts off unnecessary fabrics and threads while at the same time allowing the user to continue on working.
  • Using a serger machine can save you more time in comparison to using a coverstitch machine because it performs many different functions all at one time.
  • Many sewers favor having two separate machines. Not just because it can help to switch between the two rapidly, but also because there are more moving components, which increases the possibility of something going wrong.
  • Both the cover stitch machine and the serger machine have to be used gently and with great care as well as often consulting the instructions and guidelines that are provided to ensure the best possible performance and outcome of your creative sewing projects.

Coverstitch vs. Serger: How Do They Differ?

If you are thinking of buying a machine for completing sewing projects in the near future, which will at the same time allow you to experiment with different fabrics and threads, you have to consider which characteristics and qualities exactly you need. The coverstitch machine is used for stitching together materials and making pieces of clothing look put together and effortless.

Oftentimes, the coverstitch machine is used with thick and dense fabrics because it is shown to be durable enough to sew through them. In comparison, the serger machine is usually used to sew the fabric outlines to produce a professional look on the piece of clothing without the appearance of not fastened threads. This process is also called a selvage and it is easily achieved with the serger machine. Both of these different machines can be used for various different purposes and in many creative ways in order to help you successfully complete your unique and desired sewing projects.

Coverstitch Machines


A coverstitch machine is specifically designed for completing projects that are in the need for precise stitching and the production of a clean-looking finish. The workstation and the plate that is used for needles of a coverstitch machine are spacious and thus making them comfortable to work on and use regularly on the daily basis. This type of machine used for sewing, only contains one loop for threading and also produces many different lines of stitching which can be visible to the naked eye on the pieces of clothing you are working on.

The coverstitch machine can also be used with multiple needles in the process of stitching, which is also why they are known for their versatility. Any additional accessories such as a foot for pressing down do not come together with the coverstitch machine and if you need them, you have to buy them separately. Purchasing accessories for the coverstitch machine may not be necessary, but at the same time can be beneficial for you in order to make your work easier and more fun overall. The design of the coverstitch machine is perfect for finishing projects you are very passionate about.


If you are looking for a machine that is very easy to use while at the same time working for your best strengths and full potential, then perhaps the coverstitch machine is what you have been looking for all of this time. Whether you are a beginner when it comes to sewing and stitching or you have some previous experience and knowledge about the different techniques and features a machine can offer, the coverstitch machine can be suitable for you. This machine offers numerous possibilities of experimenting with different types of stitches or fabrics and witnessing just how enjoyable a sewing process can be.

The fabrics that are known to be very stretchy are most commonly used with the coverstitch machine. However, this machine also possesses the ability to sew through various different materials which are known to be thicker and stronger, thus eliminating the possibility of placing a limit on your creativity. In addition, different lines can be produced by using the coverstitch machine which make it even more versatile and easy to work with. The performance of the coverstitch machine can truly benefit anyone who shows interest in sewing and completing unique projects.


It is very important to know how to use the coverstitch machine in order to achieve the best possible sewing or stitching results. The process of cover stitching starts by cutting the fabric as precisely as you possibly can with the goal in mind of avoiding any not fastened pieces from dangling and looking uneven. The fabric is then slightly folded and the stitching process can begin. Usually, the process of stitching is done on the back side of the fabric to ensure the production of clean stitches.

It is often advised that you are supposed to go over the stitches a couple of times by using the coverstitch machine and the last step is finishing the process by securing the seams. Before using the coverstitch machine, it is very important to read the instructions that come with it to make sure that you are using it in a proper manner. The coverstitch machine requires gentle care and proper use in order to perform at its best potential. The process of using a coverstitch machine can be very simple and easy in order to complete your projects if it is used in the right way and done with care.


Probably the best characteristic of the coverstitch machine is that it can be used on the daily basis, as often as needed while at the same time retaining its durability and powerful strength. People who want to work on this machine every single day and experiment with different fabrics and threads, you can easily do that without having the fear of ruining the machine and lowering its level of performance.

This machine does not get damaged easily, unless you are using the wrong threads for certain fabrics. In order to ensure that the coverstitch machine will last you a long time, the types of threads that are used for different fabrics need to be taken into consideration. Otherwise, the practicality and durability of the coverstitch machine are truly impressive. Any beginner or professional in sewing is assured to get the best use out of the coverstitch machine without it getting damaged.

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Serger Machines


The process of serging and using serger machines has been very popular over the years because it reminds people of knitting. A serger machine is designed to keep the fabric intact and to help in the construction of various different sewing projects. This type of machine usually contains two loops for threading and numerous spools. Simply put cover stitch machines are mostly used to sew knit hems.

It is also oftentimes known for performing two functions at once, which saves precious time and makes the process of sewing easier. The workspace of a serger machine is small and narrow in a way, which may not be convenient for certain people. Apart from the simple design, a serger machine usually comes together with a special knife that is used for trimming fabrics that may seem not fastened or bumpy. People often choose to buy a serger machine because it offers various different features that are advantageous for creating different projects.


The serger machine performs very well and it has the ability to accomplish multiple things all at once such as sewing while at the same time cutting unnecessary fabric off. The knife that is contained inside of the serger machine is very sharp in order to ensure that pieces of fabric do not get stuck and thus produce a problem or negatively affect the performance of the machine. The serger machine is often used with fabrics that are very elastic and stretchy, but it can also be used to sew through many different types of fabrics regardless of them being lightweight or thick and heavy.

This type of machine for sewing or knitting offers many different possibilities and a variety of applicators for attaching fabrics together. One performance aspect that some people struggle with is the process of threading on the serger machine. This process has to be constantly practiced to avoid causing unnecessary damage on the machine and thus reducing its quality. The serger machine performs splendidly without any doubt, but it does require proper maintenance and care.


Because of the fact that a serger machine contains many different spools and threads, a careful approach to using it is highly recommended. To begin the process of using a serger machine, you have to make sure that it is not turned on. The process of threading is recommended to be done while the machine is not turned on. Making a decision on the order of threading and determining the number of spools that will be used for your project is the first step of using the serger machine.

The needles of the serger machine also need to be threaded through the needles of the machine. When you are certain that everything is ready, the serger machine can be turned on and it is ready for you to start working. The next step requires you to adjust the tension and threads based on the fabric that you are planning on using. To ensure that you are doing everything in the right way, it may be necessary to read the instructions that come together with the serger machine and only then begin the process.

In order to make sure that the serger machine works properly, try sewing through a piece of fabric that you do not use or need. In this way, you will be certain that the project you are willing to work on will surely not be ruined. The foot for pressing down is used to control how fast or how slow you want the process of sewing to go.

You are supposed to create a large number of stitches to finish the project and later they can be sewn under the fabric for achieving a seamless look. Consulting the instructions that are provided for you when buying a serger machine can be very beneficial when you are trying to use the machine properly with no risk of damage.


Because of the capability of a serger machine to use multiple threads and functions at one time, it is known to be very durable. The efficient performance and strength of a serger machine offer the best possible experience for people who are passionate about sewing and also assure a long lasting use throughout the years.

Sometimes, a serger machine is considered to be even more durable than a regular sewing machine which ultimately makes it worth your money and time spent on learning how it works and what features it offers. Multiple different types of fabrics can be sewn through by using a serger machine, thus ensuring its longevity and resilience.

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serger vs coverstitch: Which Is The Best & Why?

Both coverstitch machines and serger machines are favorable to have in your home if you are planning to pursue a career in sewing for long periods of time, or simply just want to learn as much as you can about sewing. Just note that this is not your basic

These two machines offer great features and qualities to enable experimentation with different fabrics and threads while at the same time being durable and long lasting. However, the serger machine has slightly better features and characteristics when it is compared to the coverstitch machine.

Apart from having a knife incorporated into it that can be used to cut off unnecessary threads and fabrics, the serger machine can also perform many different actions at once, which can help you save time and also make your sewing experience easier and more enjoyable.

If you are contemplating whether to buy a coverstitch or a serger machine, the one which offers more possibilities is surely the serger machine. However, if you are able to purchase both of them, it is a win-win situation for you and your needs.