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Janome Sewist 721 Review: Should You Buy It?

I love to sew and I’m always looking for the best sewing machines out there. Lately I got the chance to try out the Janome Sewist 721 and I gotta say, I was really impressed with this little machine and for a pretty affordable price, it’s great for beginners and intermediate sewers like me.

The thing runs nice and quiet, which I love and it’s super lightweight and easy to carry to classes or sew-ins with friends. It comes with 7 built-in stitches, which covers all the basics as far as Im concerned. You can adjust the settings easily and I like that it uses a top-loading bobbin – so much faster to change out your thread that way.

In this post I wanna share my experiences with the 721 and give you a good idea of how it performs, if it seems durable, and what makes it so user-friendly in my opinion. I’ve tried out quite a few models in my time sewing but for the price this Janome is hands-down one of the best I’ve used. Keep reading to find out why I think it’s such an awesome machine for beginners and intermediates who want quality results without spending a fortune.

Performance and Stitch Quality

The stitching from the Janome Sewist 721 is really good. The stitches come out super clean and precise so my projects look pro-level. It can handle real delicate fabrics and thick stuff too, no problem. The stitches are all spaced real nice and even and never any skipped stitches or places where the tension’s off. This machine just sews smooth and quiet so I can focus on my project and not get distracted.

I’m happy with how steady this Sewist sews. Makes me feel good that the stuff I make will last. Whether it’s clothes, bags or whatever else, this machine makes it sturdy.

Durability and Reliability

The Janome Sewist 721 sewing machine seems like it’ll keep working smoothly even if I use it a lot. It’s made of sturdy metal so it can handle heavy projects without any problems. I don’t think itll break down easily since the inside parts are built to last a long time and

this sewing machine seems reliable and low maintenance which makes it great for sewists of all skill levels. Whether I’m working on small or larger projects, it looks like the Janome 721 will keep performing well consistently.

It runs quiet and smooth so I can keep sewing without getting distracted. I also like that the presser foot pressure and threading system are adjustable and easy to use.

Overall, the Janome Sewist 721 sewing machine seems very sturdy and reliable. It’s built in a durable way that makes me think it’ll last a long time.

User-friendly Features and Accessories

The Janome Sewist 721 is supposed to be easy to use for sewing. One thing it has is a system that makes threading the needle really simple. You don’t have to struggle with it. There’s also a clear dial for picking stitches and you can just turn it and know what stitch you’re on. These things make it nice if youre learning to sew or have done it forever. Any skill level can use the sewing machine without problems.

I wanted a machine that wasn’t frustrating to thread and figure out. This Janome sounded good with the easy threading and stitch dial. Those things will help me spend more time sewing and less time fiddling with settings. It seems like it could help me get projects done faster while still being fun to use.

Comparison With Janome Sewist 725S

When it comes down to it, I’d say the biggest difference between the Janome Sewist 721 and 725S is the type of buttonhole they have. Let me break it down for you:


The 721 has a basic 4-step buttonhole, while the 725S has a fancy 1-step buttonhole. With the 721, you gotta manually adjust the size yourself over 4 steps. but the 725S makes it easy – just one step and boom you’ve got a buttonhole perfectly sized. and


Now, the 725S is usually a little pricier than the 721. That’s cause it’s got some extra built-in stitches, adjustable stitch width and length, and more advanced buttonhole choices. More bells and whistles equals more money.

User Experience:

Both of these machines are pretty quiet and smooth to use so they’re great for beginners and intermediates. The manuals are helpful too. Oh, and they’re lightweight, so you can sew on-the-go if you want!


You really cant go wrong with either one. The stitches look great, they thread up nice and easy and you can adjust the presser foot pressure. But if I had to pick, I’d say the 725S might have a slight edge in toughness and consistency. The higher price tag equals better quality.

So if you’re on a budget, the 721 should do the trick! But if you want the convenience of that 1-step buttonhole and don’t mind paying more, go for the 725S.<br />

Just depends what features matter most to ya! Let me know if you have any other questions!

Customer Feedback

Reviews of the Janome Sewist 721 seem pretty good overall, with it getting 92. 2 out of 100 points. There’s some complains about getting busted machines in the mail. But most say it sews real smooth and quiet. Folks like the hard cover it comes with and the LED lights that brighten up the sewing space. Some aren’t thrilled about all the plastic parts though and and it doesn’t have as many fancy stitches and features as some pricier models. But for the price it gets top marks from lots of quilters and home sewers who just need a basic, dependable machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Built-In Stitches Does the Janome Sewist 721 Have?

The Janome Sewist 721’s got 19 built-in stitches. That’s a pretty versatile machine with a good range of stitches for all kinds of projects – decorative, functional, whatever you need creativity for and

Is the Janome Sewist 721 Suitable for Heavy-Duty Sewing?

Yes, the 721 can totally handle heavy-duty sewing. It’s made sturdy with a metal frame and long-lasting inside parts to keep going through lots of sewing without any trouble.

What Additional Accessories and Options Are Available for the Janome Sewist 721?

You can get more add-ons and accessories for the 721 too. Extra presser feet a bigger extension table, a quilting kit, special buttonhole foot, seam ripper and cleaning brush – stuff like that to expand what you can do with it.


The Janome Sewist 721 sewing machine really impressed me. It was so quiet and smooth when I used it, and super lightweight and easy to carry around, which was awesome. This little machine has 7 different built-in stitches you can use, and you can adjust the length and width of the stitches too so you’ve got some good options for different projects. It’s got a top-loading bobbin inside, which makes it a total breeze to get set up and threaded.

Whether youre just learning to sew for the first time or you’ve been doing it for years, I’d say the Janome 721 is a great pick and it’s reliable, sews nicely and has enough handy features to help you make all kinds of clothes, crafts, home decor stuff, and more. For me it turned out to be a super versatile and efficient machine that made sewing a lot more enjoyable. Id definitely recommend any sewer check out the Janome Sewist 721.