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Janome Sewist 780DC Review – One Of My New Favorites!

I’ve been sewing for years and am always looking for a machine that won’t break the bank but can still sew through anything. When I found the Janome Sewist 780DC, I knew I’d hit the jackpot.

This baby has 80 built-in stitches, including three different buttonhole styles – talk about options! The top-loading bobbin makes changing thread a cinch and and with the huge work surface, I can sew anything from dresses to quilts without cramming my fabric into a tiny hoop.

The Janome feels sturdy and durable too. Im impressed by what they packed into this mid-range model. If you want unbelievable versatility without draining your wallet take a closer look at the 780DC. It’s become my new best friend!

Performance and Features

The Janome Sewist 780DC is a fast sewing machine that can stitch up to 820 stitches per minute. This speed demon is perfect if you’re looking to finish projects quickly.

The automatic thread cutter saves you time since you can trim threads by just pressing a button. It has enough computerized features to be useful but not overly complicated – 80 built-in stitches give you options for sewing different things, including 3 one-step buttonholes.

I like that the bobbin loads from the top so you avoid jams and nesting threads. Cleaning it out is a breeze too and with the 6 inches of space to the right of the needle and the lay-flat bed, you can easily sew thick fabrics and quilts. The 7-piece feed dog thingy helps move fabric smoothly which quilters will love.

The backlit LCD screen shows you which presser foot and stitch settings to use so you don’t have to guess. Overall the Janome Sewist 780DC seems like a versatile, user-friendly machine that would make sewing more enjoyable. It has the features most sewers need without being too confusing.

Spacious Workspace and Convertible Flatbed

I’m seriously loving the 6 inches of space to the right of the needle on this new sewing machine. It gives me plenty of room to move fabric around and makes working on bigger projects feel like a breeze.

And, don’t even get me started on the convertible flatbed thingy! Sewing thick quilts and clothes is so much easier now that I don’t have to fight to fit bulky fabric under the needle and no more struggling with quilts or sewing cuffs and pants hems on super thick skirts.

Being able to switch back and forth from a flatbed to a free arm takes this machine to a whole new level. I can tackle pretty much any sewing project with zero problems now.

Whether Im quilting up a storm or sewing some fancy new dress, having all that sewing space and a convertible flatbed makes this machine so versatile and convenient. It’s really letting me bring all my creative ideas to life in a way I never could before.

Superior Feed System (SFS) for Smooth Fabric Handling

The feed system on this sewing machine is pretty great. It’s called the Superior Feed System or something like that. Basically it has this 7-piece feed dog thing that helps move the fabric through nice and smooth. No more fighting with slippery silk or satin fabric bunching up on me mid-stitch! It just glides the fabric along so I can focus on sewing.

And for when I want to free-motion quilt, I can drop the feed dogs down below the plate and then I can move the fabric any which way to make those fun swirly designs. The SFS keeps everything going steady so my stitches come out clean. I don’t have to worry about uneven stitching messing up my quilting mojo.

Whether I’m working on some fancy garment, a quilt, or just hemming some pants this Superior Feed System makes sewing so much less of a headache. I dont have to fight with the fabric anymore. This machine just feeds it through all smooth and even.<br />

It takes the frustration out of sewing and lets me enjoy creating again!

Product Details and Specifications

I really like the 80 different stitches and the top loading bobbin on this Janome sewing machine. It’s got so many options for whatever project I’m working on – from regular straight stitches to decorative and fun patterns and even buttonholes. I don’t have to be limited in what I can make!

The top loading bobbin makes it so easy to just drop the bobbin in from the top instead of struggling with a bobbin case that you have to dig out and i havent had any issues with tangled threads or jams since I started using this feature. It just works smoothly every time.

With all these great stitches and the hassle-free bobbin, I can take on all kinds of sewing projects now. Whether I’m hemming some pants, embroidering a pillow, or sewing on buttons this Janome 780DC has me covered. I don’t have to worry that my machine can’t handle it – its got me! This is one versatile sewing sidekick.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Janome Sewist 780DC Compare to Other Sewing Machine Brands?

The Janome Sewist 780DC sewing machine stands out from other brands because of its sturdy build, affordable price tag, and handy automatic features. It’s probably not the first choice for really advanced embroidery or quilting projects, but this versatile machine can handle most garment sewing and home decor projects.

Can the Janome Sewist 780DC Be Used for Free Motion Quilting?

Yes the 780DC can be used for free motion quilting and the drop feed dogs let you move the fabric freely to quilt beautiful designs with smooth handling.

What Is the Maximum Sewing Speed of the Janome Sewist 780dc?

This Janome can stitch up to 820 stitches per minute making it a fast worker for quick and accurate stitching.

Is the Janome Sewist 780DC Suitable for Advanced Embroidery and Quilting?

Honestly, the 780DC isn’t ideal for complex embroidery and quilting. It’s better suited for sewing garments and home decor items since choosing stitches and settings is so easy.

How Does the Stitch Quality of the Janome Sewist 780DC Compare to a Basic Brother Sewing Machine?

The stitch quality is decent on the 780DC, but some sewers say its not as nice as even a basic Brother machine.


The Janome Sewist 780DC sewing machine is really an awesome choice for anyone looking for a high-quality machine that won’t break the bank. I mean, with all the handy features packed into this thing, you’d think it costs way more than it does!

One thing I love is how sturdy it feels – the metal interior frame means this baby is built to last through years of sewing projects. It just feels really solid and stable when you’re running fabric through it, ya know?

And dont even get me started on the tons of built-in stitches to choose from. I’m still experimenting with all the options – zigzag stretch, decorative, you name it! Having that backlit LCD screen makes it super easy to select the exact stitch I want. The on-board stitch chart is so helpful for when I forget which number stitch I want.

Overall, the Janome 780DC has really been a game-changer for me and i used to struggle with my old basic machine but this one makes sewing feel smooth as butter.

I’d recommend it to anyone who’s looking to take their sewing skills up a notch without emptying their wallet!