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Micromodal vs. Modal: Which Material Is better?

The fabric from which our clothing is made is the most significant thing about it. Even if certain fabrics are very similar, the skin is very sensitive and it can recognize when something we are wearing is high-quality and also comfortable. Micromodal and modal fabrics are similar in their names and purposes, but they have their differences.

Micromodal vs. Modal – How do they differ?

Micromodal and modal fabrics are known for their smooth and silky feel to the touch, especially on the skin while wearing clothing items such as underwear. While these two fabrics are similarly produced by extracting cellulose from hardwood trees, there is a slight difference in their aspect of production.

The fibers of the micromodal fabric are smaller than the fibers of the modal fabric. This difference results in a smoother, silkier, and more comfortable feel of micromodal when compared to modal.

The finer fibers of micromodal make it more lightweight and breathable. Modal fabric is known for maintaining its shape when washed, it is durable and soft. However, micromodal fabric offers an even softer feel because of the slight difference in production, making it more durable and easier to maintain than modal fabric.

These two fabrics are very popular nowadays because of their unique softness to the touch especially in producing underwear and sleepwear. Despite their similar properties, micromodal fabric has a slight advantage over modal fabric in terms of offering a more relaxed, elegant, and pleasant experience.

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Modal Fabric Review


Modal fabric is known for its durable strength and stretchiness. It is easy to maintain and there is no possibility of the item being damaged after washing it repeatedly when needed. The color is also unlikely to fade and it is believed that items made out of modal fabric are very long-lasting and wear-resistant.

Often, when people are shopping for underwear or comfortable clothing such as sleepwear, they opt for choosing fabrics that will last them a long time and at the same time provide a sense of comfort and softness when they are in close contact with the skin. This semi-synthetic fabric is simple to take care of, it doesn’t wrinkle easily and also can be washed as often as required.


The modal underwear is popular for the comfortable feel it offers because it is highly moisture absorbent, thus providing a sense of security and relaxation while wearing it. The possibility of uncomfortable moisture appearing is eliminated when wearing underwear made out of modal fabric and staying dry and fresh throughout the day is ensured for ultimate enjoyment.

The price

The majority of people prefer buying underwear that is both affordable and comfortable. This is easily achieved by the manufacturers of modal underwear because it is not very complicated to produce. It offers a luxurious feel while at the same time not requiring you to break the bank.

Micromodal Fabric Review


Micromodal fabric maintains its strength and durability no matter how many times it is washed or dried. It requires a little effort to maintain and it gives the same feeling every time you wear it. The fibers of micromodal have a tight weave, making them stretchy and resistant to wrinkles, shrinking, or color fading. Underwear produced from this material is extremely long-lasting and has proven to be a timeless piece that everyone needs in their wardrobe.


When it comes to comfort, micromodal is the way to go. Being so thin and delicate it almost feels like you are not wearing anything, while at the same time keeping you fresh and dry. There is no possibility of uncomfortable sweating because it is highly moisture absorbent and breathable. Many people reach for micromodal fabrics during the warmer months to ensure that no necessary perspiration, dampness, or wetness gets trapped under their skin.

The price

Because of its tight weave, micromodal fabric requires more fibers to be used which ultimately increases its value. It is slightly more complicated to produce compared to modal fabric. People often prefer the most luxurious feel, stretch and comfort, believing that more expensive fabrics are more durable and of higher quality. Before buying clothes, it is important to consider how that piece makes you feel even if it is moderately expensive.

Micromodal vs. Modal – Which Is The Best & Why?

Both micromodal and modal fabrics are used to produce the most luxurious underwear. They serve as better options today than the usual cotton underwear. Unlike other fabrics that have been used for a long time, micromodal and modal have been used only for a couple of years. Since they have been created, their popularity grew because of their silky and smooth appearance and feel. The main difference between these two fabrics is the size of their fibers which further creates more variability.

Modal is known for its softness, comfort, and affordable price. In contrast, micromodal offers even more softness and greater comfort for a slightly higher price. The difference in their price is not as significant as it may seem and splurge on high-quality pieces is the right move.

Whereas modal underwear still serves as one of the best choices on the market, there is always a better and more long-lasting option. Choosing micromodal underwear ensures a luxurious and comfortable feel throughout the day no matter how busy and physically active you are. You might even forget that you are wearing it because of its lightweight feel.

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