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Singer 4423 vs Singer 4452: Which Is Better?

The Singer sewing machine industry is composed of various models ranging from big professional machinery to more home-owned tools. In this vast catalog of selections, the heavy-duty Singer 4423 and Singer 4452 are not left behind.

Trying to make a final decision between these two great choices might be intimidating for novice and advanced tailors alike, especially when visually they do look almost identical. But that is where this article steps in! Each detail about what makes the 4423 or the 4452 Singer models unique will be described down below.

Based on the category name that the Singer company has put them in, heavy-duty, these two machines are meant to be used to their maximum given power and deal with a variety of fabrics of different thicknesses. There is more to them than their characteristic title of heavy-duty.

The Singer 4423 and the Singer 4452 can be compared in other categories too. Features like stitching possibilities, durability, and included accessories will be further explained.

Key Takeaways

  • The Singer 4452 has 32 built-in stitches, while the Singer 4423 has only 23.
  • 110 Stitching Applications are available in the 4452 model and only 97 on the 4423.
  • The Singer 4452 is slightly more expensive than the Singer 4423.
  • Both can perform a one-step buttonhole stitch.
  • Free arms are adjustable and available for both models.
  • Extra accessories are available from the Singer 4452 for free from the moment of purchase.

Singer 4423 vs Singer 4452: Comparison

What makes the Singer 4423 a good option?

This specific model is greatly appreciated by beginners. This, though does not mean it goes unused by more experienced tailors. It is used by both groups because it is so versatile in use. The price tag of this sewing machine is also very comprehendible and that makes it a great investment if you want to buy a sewing machine.

Winning the hearts of the sewing community as a solid choice of machinery is not the only thing the 4423 can do. What makes it different is the feeling of security you usually get when using it. To add to the confidence it gives the tailor; it also has an above-average score when it comes to the stitching per minute capacity that it holds.

Affordable in price and sturdy in its build, the Singer 4423 heavy duty sewing machine can also sow through thin and thick fabrics alike without causing any disturbance to the tailor. These fabrics include multiple layers of different types of denim, leather fabrics, thick quilts, silk, and lycra as well. A smooth experience is assured for it with the Singer 4423 heavy duty sewing machine.

With all these great qualities you may think can the other Singer machine even reach these essential needs of every tailor. Well, the Singer 4452 puts up a mighty fight as well.

What makes the Singer 4452 a good option?

Not having a specific audience in mind, the 4452 excels in meeting the needs of every creative tailor enthusiast. With a very powerful motor in its possession, it is great for anyone that wants to sow heavily thick fabrics without any concerns of damaging or even breaking their appliances. After all, it is a heavy-duty Singer machine.

It is slightly more expensive than the 4423 model just by a little bit, which is understandable when you consider the capacity for power that it is known for.

This model is used by anyone with an ambition to sow but it should be noted that if you are someone without experience in the sewing industry it might be rough to handle. This should not intimidate anyone because, down the line and career-wise, it will serve better.

All this talk about the 4452 power makes you wonder what can it sew exactly. Well for starters it has no problem whatsoever with denim, leather, canvas, and even vinyl. Layers of these fabrics are not an issue. Of course, it can handle delicate textiles like silk, suede, and upholstery as well.

Stitching Possibilities

Singer heavy duty sewing machines are known for the speed they stitch at. The 4423 and 4452 models follow through with this by both being able to create at their peak performance 1100 stitches per minute.

Stitching speed aside these two sewing machines differ in two major categories that will play a role if you choose to purchase either one. First off, the Singer 4423 is capable of 23 built-in stitches. While the Singer 4452 conquers its competition here with 32 built-in stitches. The later mentioned machine includes more decorative and stretching stitching possibilities. Either way, they both cover the six regular stitches that are of course built in. If you are a tailor that likes to have a variety of stitching options, the Singer 4452 is clearly the choice to be made.

That is not all though, the next category that can influence the buying process is stitch applications. With the Singer 4452, you can create 110 different types of stitching variations while with the 4423 there are only 97 different ones to work with. Granted it is not a drastic difference it is still a significant one if you want to make a choice about the option that has more possibilities for your career or hobby.

If these two types of characteristics play a big role in your sew life, then the Singer 4452 is the choice you should make. On the other hand, if these two topics do not make a difference the 4423 is also a wonderful sewing machine that completes all its tasks smoothly and quickly.

The singer heavy duty 4452 and the singer heavy duty 4423 are similar in other parts of their workflow. For example, they both can perform a one-step buttonhole stitch and they both have a built-in needle feeder. They also have an adjustable width dial that works from 0mm to 6mm. Another great feature is being able to adjust the pressure you apply on the foot presser.

Singer manufacturers really made it possible for both models to strive when it comes to fitting an individual user’s needs with slight distinctions.


The durability of these tools can be noticed straight from the category name they belong in. Heavy duty. The Singer 4452 and the Singer 4423 both are extremely durable machines that are meant to last and achieve a long use life. The durability comes from two main reasons, the machines are heavily built and also the quality elements that are used for building them.

The Singer 4452 heavy duty sewing machine is the heftier model having a heaviness of approximately 15 pounds (6.8 kilograms), while the 4423 heavy duty sewing machine weighs slightly less at 14.5 pounds (6.5 kilograms). The weight is caused by the heavy duty metal frame used to keep both machines intact throughout their intended use. The weight of these two sew machines might not be drastic but if the lightness of a machine is something that is important to you as a buyer the Singer 4423 does its intended job perfectly.

When talking about durability the intense motor is a key component as it will ensure you a carefree using experience throughout its lifespan without having to worry if it will break down.

Singer Machines also have a great warranty on their personal website about free replacements for different parts of the sewing machine. Of course, I do not wish that your purchase will include any sort of warranty use it is needed knowledge when owning a sew tool.

Included Accessories

At first thought accessories for a heavy duty sewing machine may seem like a funny topic but I assure you it is not. It is actually a very helpful part for tailors all around. The Singer 4452 is known for coming with some.

The first add-on is a free arm. A free arm is very helpful when it comes to hemming different kinds of material or even focusing on a small part of textiles projects. Both heavy duty sewing machines come with one and it is even adjustable, meaning you can choose to “activate” its use or just not. This last choice serves as an accessories compartment too.

The basic foot apparatuses like zipper foot, all-purpose foot, and buttonhole foot come with the Singer 4423 but at the same time, they are also included in the 4452 model. But this is it when it comes to the Singer 4423 while its rival in this feud comes with more.

The 4452-sew comes with a bunch of helpful attachments. The list I am speaking of includes two extra foot accessories, the non-stick foot, and the walking foot. Together with this the 4452 also gives you a size 16 automatic needle threader, especially useful for heavy duty.

Final Words

To conclude Singer 4452 passes the 4423 in all the categories that they differ in.  When it comes to choosing between the two it also depends on what you as a client are looking for. If the sew machine you want to purchase needs to have maxed-out elements the Singer 4452 is a clear choice. It might be just a little bit more costly, but it outperforms the 4423.

But if you just want a sturdy quick solid sewing machine without anything too fancy about it the Singer 4423 is an amazing alternative. Balanced in all the right places and great for different kinds of textiles it has a uniqueness of its own.

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