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Tips for Organizing Sewing Supplies: In-Depth Guide

The careful and neat organization of sewing supplies is very significant when you find yourself inspired to create projects using your sewing machine.

Knowing exactly where your sewing supplies are placed will save you the trouble of having to buy new ones just because you lost them. Certain sewing supplies are very tiny and delicate and they require proper storage in order to always know where to find them.

Key Takeaways

  • Transparent containers provide a clear view of all of the different sewing supplies in them.
  • Drawers that are located close to the sewing workspace are very practical for organizing sewing supplies.
  • Organizing sewing supplies in drawers requires the purchase of dividers.
  • Using sewing cabinets for organizing sewing supplies is a more advanced way of coordination.
  • Jewelry boxes can be easily used for organizing sewing supplies because they have multiple sections.

Where to Start

Some of the best tips for organizing your sewing supplies usually include the use of separate boxes for your most used utensils as well as possessing storage boxes for items that you do not need very frequently. Using these ways of organizing your sewing supplies will allow you constant access to your basic sewing supplies without the risk of being unable to find them.

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Organizing Sewing Supplies in Plastic Containers

Containers for organizing exist today for various different purposes and the most common ones are made out of plastic. People love using these plastic containers for storing their sewing machine supplies because of their practicality and transparency.

Regardless of whether you choose to organize your threads and fabrics according to color or texture, you will be able to see through the plastic container and easily access whatever you need.

In addition, it is helpful to be able to see exactly which sewing supplies are organized in a particular container so that you can avoid the task of having to search for a particular item.

Plastic containers come in various different shapes and sizes so you can easily choose exactly which one you need for organizing your sewing supplies. Larger containers can be used for storage of sewing supplies that you do not use on the daily basis.

These types of containers used for organizing can easily be placed on your sewing workspace for easy access or put in the sewing cabinet if you do not use your sewing machine every single day.

How to Organize Sewing Supplies in a Drawer with Multiple Sections

When you are working on your sewing machine, it is very convenient to have a drawer that you can easily access on one side of your sewing workspace. In this way, you can always reach for the sewing supplies you need in a very quick and efficient manner.

Drawers usually do not come with sections. In order to successfully organize your sewing supplies in a drawer, it is recommended to buy dividers that will help you section every type of sewing appliance properly.

You cannot cause self-confusion if you are able to clearly see how your sewing supplies are divided. This will enable you to have your sewing supplies an arm’s reach away as well as keep them organized.

For organizing larger sewing supplies such as scissors, you can buy bigger dividers that are available and easily accessible. It is comforting to know that you can organize everything you need for your sewing project in one small and compact drawer.

When to use the Sewing Cabinet for Organizing Sewing Supplies

The majority of people who have taken sewing very seriously, often possess a sewing cabinet in their own home in order to store the large number of sewing supplies they own.

Certain types of sewing cabinets come with a number of small drawers for easy organization of different sewing supplies. Most of the sewing cabinets usually contain a sewing table so you can easily reach for a sewing supply while you are sewing at the same time.

Sewing cabinets are most commonly used by experienced professionals in sewing that have the ability to multitask. In addition, they usually have a large number of sewing supplies which is why a sewing cabinet is more practical for them.

It is not necessary to own a sewing cabinet for organizing your sewing supplies. There are other options that are available and more affordable. However, if your desire is to feel like a professional in sewing as well as neatly organize your sewing supplies, a sewing cabinet is a great option.

Using a Jewelry Box for Organizing Sewing Supplies

The different types of organizers that exist on the market are not limited to organizing only certain types of items. For this reason, using a jewelry box for organizing sewing supplies is a good alternative choice.

Usually, jewelry boxes come with different hooks and sections which makes the organization of sewing supplies very simple. Also, they are compact and easy to transport to your sewing workspace.

In addition to being practical, jewelry boxes also look very nice. By organizing your sewing supplies in a jewelry box you will get practicality and a unique look all in one.

Jewelry boxes can usually fit in drawers which will enable you easy access to everything you need in the process of sewing. This unique way of organizing your sewing supplies is a great option for reusing jewelry boxes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you organize sewing supplies?

The easiest way of organizing sewing supplies is to purchase containers or boxes that are characterized as having multiple dividers for easier coordination.

How to organize a fabric stash?

For an easier organization of fabrics, you can color-coordinate them so that you always know which exact stash to reach for.

How do I store a lot of threads?

To avoid the possibility of the threads intertwining and tangling, use proper containers or boxes to divide the threads from each other.

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Final Words

The method of organizing sewing supplies can be different for many people. Regardless of which way you choose to organize your sewing supplies, make sure that it is effective and practical. There is nothing worse than needing a sewing supply very quickly but being unable to find it.