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Does Aritzia Run Small? (Honest Sizing Guide)

Aritzia is amongst the most popular brands. This company provides high-quality and very stylish garments. You can find any kind of women’s clothing in Aritzia. Honestly, it is one of my favorite brands and, besides its casual outfits, I can easily find classic items.

Whenever I need high-quality and stylish garments, Aritzia is always the first option that comes to mind. Their items always follow the latest trends, and they are very comfortable. Forget about all that I wrote above, it is not the main reason why I am writing this article.

Most clothing brands have some issues with their sizing system. In this article, I will discuss whether the outfits of Aritzia run small or not. I will try to give a straightforward answer to this query and continue discussing many other things related to this topic. So, let the party begin.

Key Takeaways

  • Aritzia is a famous brand that offers very high-quality and stylish outfits.
  • Many of Aritzia’s garments run small, and some of the items run bigger.
  • Unfortunately, Aritzia has an inconsistent sizing system; you can never receive the correct sizes.
  • Swimwear, shirts, and dresses are the items that will run small, while the jeans of Artitzia will run bigger.

Does Aritzia Run Small?

Here I am with a straightforward answer to this query. Aritziz clothing tends to run small, unfortunately. Consequently, this indicates that you should be careful while purchasing items from this brand. Aritzia is a perfect place for getting the most fashionable items, but you will have many issues with the sizes.

Aritzia has an inconsistent sizing system. Let me say they are awful in this category. You can never ensure that garments of this brand will have a proper fit since you most likely will get the wrong size. Some pieces from Aitzia will run small, whereas some will run larger.

You can never pick your regular size, and a better way to purchase from this brand is to go into their shopping stores and try the items on. Keep calm; since I am here to help you and give you a solution to this issue.

Below I will mention all the items that will run small so, you better know where you will need to size up. Whenever you are about to buy any item from this brand, please consider all the things I will write to get the right size and keep yourself satisfied with what you receive.

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Garments of Aritzia That Run Small

Aritzia is always a great idea. I am a fan of shopping online because I am a lazy person, and to be able to shop for whatever I want without getting out is something I appreciate a lot.

Whereas, when I need to purchase any item of Aritzia, things get a bit more complicated. This brand has the most inconsistent sizing system. Shopping online from this brand is the most challenging thing.

In this section, I will mention all outfits that tend to run small so you can better understand when you need to size up. What size you should get depends on the clothing you are about to buy. I love when I have a bit more room, if you are the same as me, I will suggest you size up while shopping at Aritzia.


Shirts and Tops of this brand will run small. Both of these items have a great fit, but they run small and are a bit tight. I am the type of person that love comfortable clothes and always want a bit of room so I can move effortlessly.

Whenever I order shirts or tops at Aritzia, I go one size bigger. This helps me to get a perfect and adequate fitting. Whereas, if you want a tight fit, then you do not need to size up.


I love the dresses of Aritzia. Whenever I am looking to purchase dresses I find myself at Aritzia. Dresses of this brand run a bit small and do not come in their correct sizes. Honestly, I don’t size up every time I buy dresses from Aritzia because there are times when I love the tight fit that I get. So, it is all up to you.


Swimwear is another garment that runs small, and it is necessary to go at least one size bigger; otherwise, they won’t fit you at all, and you may need to return them. Regarding swimwear, I am not capable of telling my own experiences, hence I never purchased swimwear from this brand.

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Garments of Aritzia That Run Bigger

However, there is also an item of Aritzia that will run bigger; you can never get the correct size from this brand, especially when it comes to jeans!

The jeans of Aritzia always tend to run bigger; depending on the jeans’ style, some may run very big. When you are about to shop online from this brand, having in mind that you will not be able to try jeans on, it is better if you size down one number if you want to get the perfect fitting.

You can never be sure with Aritzia. You have to size up or down, I know this is complex, but it is what it is.

How To Get The Right Size When Shopping From Aritzia?

I can not avoid shopping from Aritzia since I love the garments of this brand a lot. When it comes to deciding about the right size when I am shopping, before making a purchase, I always read the reviews and comments of other people and consider their experiences.

Another step you need to follow is to check the sizing chart. It will help you a lot in getting the correct size. Following these steps is the best thing you can do.

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Final Words

Aritzia is a famous brand that most of you are familiar with. They provide high-quality and stylish garments, but they suck in sizing. Aritzia’s sizing system is terrible; getting the correct size is almost impossible.

Many of the outfits will run small, and the others larger. You can never order your regular size. Nothing to worry about since I know this article will help you in deciding on the right purchase. I explained everything you need to know regarding the topic.

Please let me conclude this article. I hope you will find value in it and enjoy it while reading.

Have a nice day!