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Does Bershka Run Small? (Sizing Explained)

I will be surprised if someone is unfamiliar with Bershka since it is amongst the most popular brands. Bershka provides any kind of stylish garment for an affordable price. Looking cool is very easy nowadays. You will only need to go shopping at Bershka.

I guess we all agree that Bershka is a fantastic brand, but what about the sizing system of this brand? The main reason I am writing this article today is to answer the query of Does Bershka Run Small?

Key Takeaways

  • Bershka is a trendy brand worldwide, providing stylish and high-quality garments.
  • The clothing of Bershka will run small; you need to size up if you want to get an adequate fit.
  • Dresses, jeans, tops, and jackets Bershka are the items that do not come in their correct sizes; they run very small.
  • Before making an order at Bershka, please check the sizing chart and read the reviews and comments of other customers.

Does Bershka Run Small?

Bershka outfits tend to run very small, unfortunately. As you can notice, it is a straightforward answer. Whereas; there are many things I have to discuss regarding this topic. Bershka has an inconsistent sizing system items of this brand will run very small.

Whenever I go shopping at Bershka, I can never pick my regular size; I need to size up. You should be very careful if you are shopping online since you won’t be able to try the garments on, and if you go with your regular size, most likely, the pieces you order won fit you adequately due to their confusing sizing system.

You have nothing to worry about since I am here to help you find your correct size in Bershka. I will mention many of my experiences, so writing this article is a breeze.

I have faced many issues while purchasing garments at Breshka, and now I’d like to call myself a professional in choosing the right size.

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Garments of Bershka That Run Small

Regardless of men’s or women’s clothing, they all will run very small at Beshka. Getting the right size when purchasing garments is crucial since we all want our outfits to fit perfectly. If you go with your regular size at Bershka, you will never be able to get an excellent fit.

You will always need to size up. In this section, I will mention the items of Bershka that run small, so you can better understand in which situations you will need to go at least for one size bigger.

Believe me, it is not rocket science; I know it is confusing, but once you will get the logic and figure out how the sizing system works, then everything will be crystal clear.


Tops at Bershka are my favorite items. They have a perfect fit and are of high quality. Whereas; they run very small and are too tight. When I buy tops at Bershka, I go for at least one size bigger. My regular size is XS, but I never get an XS top at Bershka based on my past experiences.

An XS top at Bershka is a 4/6 UK size, S indicates 6/8 UK sizing, M is equal to 8/10 UK sizing, and L is 10/12 UK size. I would never recommend you go with your regular size while buying tops in Bershka.


The jeans of Bershka are very stylish, and you can find any type of them that will suit all your demands. Remember, jeans at Bershka run very small, so you need to size up for a better fit since this is what I do whenever I go shopping for jeans at Bershka.

Their jeans are long enough, but their waist is too tight. Honestly, I never get jeans at Bershka by shopping online; it is challenging to find the right size; I better go to a shopping mall and try the jeans on.


Jackets of Bershka are other items that run small. You will be able to find oversized jackets as well, but if you want the baggy style, you need to size up.

The jackets of Bershka are so stylish and cool. This is the reason why I can not avoid buying them. Let me point out that if you are between sizes, you better go for one size bigger.


Bershka provides extraordinary dresses, they are amongst my favorite items at this brand, but they run very small, unfortunately. I will always need to size up to get a perfect fit.

Instead of XS, I get S, and it fits me adequately. Before making a purchase, please consider my experiences. Worth mentioning is that the dresses Bershka are a bit short, so if you are one of those lofty people, do not forget to go at least one size bigger.

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How To Get The Right Size When Shopping From Bershka?

Deciding on the correct size at Bershka can be challenging, but it is not that complicated. I will mention some crucial things you need to do before ordering any piece from Bershka.

First and foremost, check the sizing chart of Bershka and compare it with your regular size and the country you live in.

Reading the reviews and comments of others and considering their experiences will also help a lot in getting the correct size and perfect fit.

As you already know, items of Bershka run very small; to make the right purchase it is better to size up in most cases.

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Final Words

Bershka is always a fantastic idea if you want to get the most stylish garments. They provide outfits of high quality for an affordable price.

The only drawback of Bershka items is their inconsistent sizing. Bershka’s garments tend to run very small, and you need to size up most of the time. The dresses and tops of Bershka will run very small and are too tight. There is nothing to worry about since I explained anything you need to know regarding this topic.

Now I will conclude this article and start writing another one. I hope you like this one and find value in it.

Have a nice day and take care!